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It is said when GSM is used, It must use Uni mode with some parameter to be set. but when I put a lte sim card in foxtrat2 and scan all modules, LTE icon is added but when I want to add uni to it, there is not somewhere related to GSM parameter noted in document. how can I set up GSM module and send SMS in foxtrat2 after sim card inserted?

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Luboš Urban Jan 30, 2024, 4:19 PM

When you use CP-20xx with built-in LTE modem, you have to use fbSMSHandlerLTE that doesn't require uni channel. You don't need to define it at all. LTE modem is initiated from Foxtrot's configuration website. You have to insert SIM card and enable LTE modem operation in the setup. You have to define APN and dial number (the first two items in the LTE configuration web page.

LTE modem setup

In the manual you found the description of SMSHandler or SMSHandler2 that are used for external modem connected via RS-232 interface. These function blocks require an assigned uni channel with mentioned parameters. But it is not your case.
I have added the essential example of calling of fbSMSHadlerLTE in the attachement.

#992 Feb 9, 2024, 5:27 PM

could you send another example that get command from sms? for example can set and reset output with sms?

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