krumpli01 Designing Mar 19, 2021, 12:46 PM Apr 12, 2021, 9:58 AM

I’m currently working on a complex home automation system. 

I’d like to know about of multiple home systems with Tecomat Foxtrot PLC. The system consists Paradox alarm , Control4 (or other similar) multiroom audio system, Hikvision CCTV and 2N doorphone.

The main goal is the integration of mentioned systems with Tecomat as main controller, realising an user inter interface in both web (iFoxtrot) and touch HMI panel. 

The connection with Paradox alarm is already realised via RS-232. The other questions are about the entire integration of Control4 (or similar) multiroom audio system for controlling the entire playback (selecting rooms, songs, albums, playlists, etc.) as in the C4’s native app.  Simple display of MJPEG stream of CCTV camera images can be realised . I want the 2N (or similar recommended) doorphone intercom to work with Foxtrot like in its native app or as an indoor station.

How is it possible to integrate so many systems into a common user interface under Teco?

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Luboš Urban Apr 10, 2021, 4:39 PM

Paradox alarm can be connected via RS-232 using the function block from ParadoxLib that allows to exchange data that Paradox offers on its interface.

Control 4 uses Modbus TCP communication for the connection with other systems and it can be used for Foxtrot too. In this case we have to use ModbusTCP slave function block from ModbusLib and we have to define communication zones of discrete inputs, coils, input and holding registers in Foxtrot. In these registers will be saved all parameters that we will receive and send from/to Control4. In this mode Foxtrot doesn't allow to control Control4 but from iFoxtrot we can open an external app on smartphone and come up quickly to control multimedia through their native application.

In the Foxtrot's web we can use two elements - "picture from IP camera" that allows us to show jpeg or mjpeg from the camera in the web page or "picture controlled by variable" that allows to show the contents of the page where url of this page is saved in the string-type variable in Foxtrot program.

In case of 2N doorphone intercom the communication between outdoor and indoor unit is established by SIP protocol and a transmission of voice and video signal is ensured via RTP protocol. These protocols aren't supported either by Foxtrot CPU or iFoxtrot app so it is not possible receive notifications from IP intercom about an incoming call. Generally, Foxtrot web pages can be open on 2N indoor unit because it is possible to run for example Chrome browser on it and if Android System Web View is supported on this indoor unit, there can be run iFoxtrot app too. And of course, doorphone IP camera pictures can be shown in Foxtrot web page or app using above mentioned components.


krumpli01 Apr 12, 2021, 7:54 AM

Thank you for your answer!

How the communication can be realized via Modbus TCP between the Control4 and Foxtrot? What kind of driver Control4 needs?

Luboš Urban Apr 12, 2021, 9:58 AM

You need Modbus TCP driver for Control4. For help with Control4 you have to ask some Control4 distributor or support. For example here We do not offer drivers for Control4 system.

On the side of Foxtrot, you have to use Modbus library, especially ModbusTCP slave function block and you have to define data that you want to share with Control4. ModbusTCP for Foxtrot system is decribed here:

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