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I have fancoil Isan/Zehnder with control by SR201 and RTM 101 . It works very well , but presents I must connect this fancoil to KNX-system in my home. 
Its question : how can I connect this fancoil with KNX to control temperature and fan? 
What solution would you recommend to connect this to KNX ? 
Maybe, do you have connector between CIB and KNX-system or something else (I think about new thermostat or new panel too) ? 

Przemek Piechota

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Luboš Urban Feb 5, 2024, 3:48 PM

Unfortunately, I am not able to help you. SR201 can be operated only via RTM201 wall mounted module. It is OEM product that uses CIB bus for the communication of these two modules. It is not expected the connection with Foxtrot CPU.

Generally, our Tecomat Foxtrot CPUs can share datapoints with KNX network using BAOS KNX/IP gateway (hardware) and KNXLib library (software function block) in Mosaic development software but it doesn't help you anyhow.

SR201 controllers are not produced since 2019 and their support was already stopped. It is not possible to open any new development tasks regarding these units. At this time we are able to repair broken units when they are sent to repairment.

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