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Hello! Sometimes I have following error on CP-2000 

Error E-B1-70-2001

IO error: Sub ITCL, lop 1, Bus TCL2, Bus thread cntRqst owerflow - ec =112

And I can`t understand  the reasons for this error. I have found this error subscribe in TXV 004 50 but There is very little information about it. Could you tell me in detail about this error and what probable reasons can lead to such error?


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Luboš Urban Sep 19, 2022, 7:31 PM

We have already fixed some possible problems that could cause this error. If you have older version of firmware than 5.3 on your PLC, update to the last version. You can use either the configuration web https://<PLC_IP_address:8443> or Firmware Updater tool . 

When the problem persists, please, open PLC configuration web and check the checkbox on Debug page. Send this file to  and we will analyze it and look for the reason.

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