csmark Designing May 6, 2024, 10:57 AM


I have run into the following issue: a client wants to control their blinds via Apple Homekit, so the controlling blocks were made via fb_iJalousie. They can start the blinds with pressing the opening or closing button, but when they issue a percentage based setting, the positioning doesn't work. It can't be set to certain values, like 50%, either the blinds don't start moving, or they open/close completely. Is there any resolution to it?

Could you also add a "Position" input to the function block? It already has a posit output which can show the position of the blinds, it would make sense to be able to tell what percentage do I want to set them as well. It could also solve the issue mentioned above.

In addition, I noticed there are several iControl function blocks that show up as not supported blocks in Apple Homekit. Mostly they seemed to be the fb_iDisplay_X ones.

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