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Can I use AI of CP-1000 PLC with input 0-10V?

Can I use AI of C-IR-0303M with input 0-10V?

In case it is not possible which module  I could buy?



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Luboš Urban Sep 2, 2021, 2:41 PM

CP-1000 supports only RTD (temperature sensors) connection (see https://catalog.tecomat.cz/en/product/cp-1000#params). Other types of CPUs like CP-2005 (https://catalog.tecomat.cz/en/product/cp-200511nsnn#params), CP-2007 (https://catalog.tecomat.cz/en/product/cp-200711ndnn#params) allow to connect 0 - 10 V signal. The same, peripheral modules IT-1604 (TCL2 bus) allow to connect all types of analog inputs - 0-10 V , 0 (4) - 20 mA, RTD (https://catalog.tecomat.cz/en/product/it-1604#params). And finally on CIB bus, there are analog inputs 0 -10 V available on modules C-IT-0200I (https://catalog.tecomat.cz/en/product/c-it-0200i) or C-AM-0600I (https://catalog.tecomat.cz/en/product/c-am-0600i). In the assortment of CIB peripheral modules are some types like https://catalog.tecomat.cz/en/product/c-ir-0303m#params that supports 0 - 2 V input range, but not 0 - 10 V. It depends on the solution of inputs circuits and it can't be changed by software configuration.

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